Film Review Website CineQuaNews Launches

A team effort by film critics from all around the world.

CineQuaNews is a lame pun that riffs on ‘cinema’, ‘news’ and ‘sine qua non‘ – Latin for “indispensable”. It is also a movie review website cobbled by a network of young, independent film critics stationed all around the world, united if not by opinion then by mutual passion for their craft.

ThroughCineQuaNews we’ll be reviewing films new and old, mainstream and independent, from press screenings to film festivals, with style and academic finesse. We’ll also be covering film-related news, coining opinion pieces and joining in educated speculation regarding hype, global tendencies and the industry in a regional and global scale.

Our views are in earnest and aim to reveal interesting truths rather than absolute truths. We don’t have a single unified vision: our condition sine qua non is that  we celebrate diversity of origin and thought. What we do, we do for the love of film, and we report it in English to reflect the international profile of the team (a second language to most of us).

You can read more about the site here, read about us here and contact us here.

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