Katia’s Top 5 Films of 2016

by Katia Kutsenko

Here’s my Top 5 Films of 2016.

1. La La Land


Damien Chazelle’s new movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, makes you want to believe in magic. There is music, yes; there is love, of course; most importantly, there is a story about dreams and two people strongly believing in them. In the end it is not your usual romcom and that makes all the difference.

2. Arrival


Aliens and Amy Adams were a bad couple, in my opinion, and only Jeremy Renner’s presence made me want to see this movie [Editor’s Note: “fangirl”]. I was wrong. The story and the movie itself are not what you expect them to be and surprise you from minute one to the very end. It’s a good modern sci-fi tale, interesting even if you’re not into the genre. Directed by Denis Villeneuve.

3. Perfetti Sconosciuti


Italian movies – despite my living in Italy – are not really my thing. Sometimes, however, there are movies simply worth watching. Paolo Genovese’s movie is crude, direct and honest. Some couples meet for a dinner and decide to read texts and listen to all of their calls out loud. No need to say that creates more than one problem among them, while secrets and mysteries are laid bare.

4. Sully


Real stories are a double-edged sword: they can either be predictable or give a deeply engaging and immersive view. Clint Eastwood’s Sully belongs to the latter group. Tom Hanks gives an incredible performance in playing airline captain Sullenberger. The entire movie looks like a diary page detailing a very personal experience. Worth every penny spent on it.

5. Hacksaw Ridge


Mel Gibson is a great actor and an even better director. His movie touches the right chords, patriotism and war being among them. To tell the story – once again, a real one – of conscientious WW2 objector Demond Doss he uses the charming Andrew Garfield and the talented Vince Vaughn. A movie where crying at the end is not only allowed but necessary.

KatiaKatia Kutsenko / Writer (Cherkassy, Ukraine – 1992) Raised in Italy, Katia graduated from Politecnico di Milano. Architecture is her profession, movies and TV shows are her guilty pleasure. She loves period dramas more than anything and never misses the last Marvel movie. She travels a lot and enjoys photography, when she’s not busy writing her opinions for Telefilm Central.

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