Antonio’s Top 5 Films of 2016

2016’s best films emerge as a unique force throughout the world.

by Antonio Cabello

My Top 5 list of 2016’s best movies is characterizes by the heterogeneity of the gathered cinematographies, if you will, but also champions cinema as an artistic impulse regardless of latitude, emerging as a unique force throughout the world.

1. Toni Erdmann


The German-Austrian film Toni Erdmann is innocence, love, guilt, forgiveness and redemption between two beings – father and daughter – who try to revindicate their “human” condition within a cold, inhuman context; without a doubt director Maren Ade has created a work to make us understand each other better.

2. La Mort de Louis XIV


Why yes, next time we’ll make it  even better. Or not. From the (supposedly God-given) grace and omnipresence to the rotten pestilence of he who spends his last days in slow agony: Louis XIV, the Sun King (masterfully played by Jean-Pierre Léaud), bereft of his greatness and facing man’s finite existence. A superb piece of work by Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra.

 3. Aquarius

Possessing a magnetism and sensuality redolent of another era, Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Aquarius is a slow boil, molding itself around the edges of a character played by Brazilian cult actress Sonia Braga, she of the unusual beauty and quiet fury.

 4. Paterson

Jim Jarmusch’s cinema is like a monster in a constant state of mutation, capable of delivering his most intimate, sincere and innocent film through the mythical, longing streets of Paterson, the place of inspiration for a poet who inhabits a world of quotidian observation.

 5. La idea de un lago

la_idea_de_un_lago-672468746-largeThe image vibrates and pulses charged with both fiction and reality; Argentine director Milagros Mumenthaler and actress Carla Crespo propose a meta-narrative game capable of questioning the posibilities of film creation while exploring the shadows of a family marked by the absence of a desaparecido father.

TonioAntonio Cabello / Writer (Jaén, Spain – 1993) Producer and editor for Fremantlemedia Spain on TV shows, he studied journalism and audiovisual communication at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He also studied poetry, humanism and film criticism. Five years ago he founded Esencia Cine, for which he has covered the Cannes and San Sebastián film festivals. Life is time.

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