Review: Twin Peaks 2017 E17

We live inside a dream.

by Benjamín Harguindey

A weekly review of Twin Peaks, the 2017 revival of the 1990 cult classic. Created, produced and written by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Directed by David Lynch. Spoilers.

Following the undoing of the tulpa of Diane (Laura Dern), Gordon (Lynch) makes one final revelation to agents Albert (Miguel Ferrer) and Tammy (Chrysta Bell): 25 years ago, Major Briggs (the late Don S. Davis) learned of an entity – “an extreme negative force” – called Jowday, eventually dubbed ‘Judy’, and that him, Briggs and Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) put together a plan that would lead them to Judy… a plan foiled by the sudden disappearences of Briggs and Cooper. Just then the FBI gets a call from Vegas’ Agent Headly (Jay R. Ferguson), who relays the message Cooper left with Bushnell (Don Murray), sending them en route to Twin Peaks.

Cooper’s doppelgänger makes it to the third and final coordinate, only to be spirited – apparently by The Fireman (Carel Struyken) – all the way to the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, where down in the holding cells the eyeless Naido (Nae Yuuki) starts freaking out and Chad (John Pirruccello) breaks out of his own cell. Evil Cooper is greeted by Andy (Harry Goaz) and goes into the office of Frank Truman (Robert Forster) to have a sit down while Andy – alerted by a premonition – goes downstairs.

Chad ambushes Andy and holds him at gunpoint, but Freddie of the all mighty green glove (Jack Wardle) punches his cell door open and knocks hi out, saving Andy. Upstairs Truman receives a call from the real Cooper, who is entering Twin Peaks with his Vegas entourage and warns the sheriff about the doppelgänger. Truman and the doppelgänger reach out for their guns and Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) saves the day by shooting the doppelgänger in the last second.

At this point everybody enters Truman’s office: Hawk and Andy, Naido, James (James Marshall) and his buddy Freddie, Cooper and his Vegas crew, Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) and finally the FBI’s Blue Rose task force. Mr. C’s corpse is preyed upon by three ghostly woodsmen and from the remains springs up an orb containing the image of BOB (Frank Silva). Freddie is up again, and duels the floating orb that contains BOB in a hokey fight scene during which he apparently punches the orb straight into hell before smashing it up and banishing BOB for good.

Cooper gets his hotel room keys back from Truman and then turns to the eyeless Naido, who transforms into Diane (is Naido supposed to be ‘Diane’ pronounced backwards?), once more played by Dern (with a vibrant fuchsia wig replacing the tulpa’s blonde one). They kiss and all is good, or is it? A blown up image of Cooper’s face remains on screen and utters the words  “we live inside a dream”. Cooper notices a clock stuck at 2:53 (which adds to 10, “the number of completion”) and after expressing his wishes to see everyone again someday the lights dim out and Cooper, Gordon and Diane appear in the depths of the Great Northern. Bidding them goodbye, he uses the keys and steps into the Red Room once more.

Phillip Gerard (Al Strobel) leads Cooper up the old convenience store and towards Phillip Jeffries’ motel room. This is where things start getting sketchy, but it appears that Cooper is sent back in time to February 23 1989 – the night Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) was killed – and it appears that he saves her from that fate by appearing before her and leading her through the woods away from her would-be rapists Leo (Eric DaRe) and Jacques (Walter Olkewicz) and fellow victim Ronette (Phoebe Augustine). The scene is intercut with footage from the pilot, showing Josie (Joan Chen), Catherine (Piper Laurie) and Pete (the late Jack Nance) the morning after the fateful murder. But the body of the girl “wrapped in plastic” vanishes from the shoreline and when Pete goes out fishing he finds nothing amiss.

Has Cooper gone back in time, if not a different timeline, and saved Laura? We catch one final glimpse of Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) back home, who in a rage destroys Laura’s homecoming portrait and repeatedly stabs it with a broken bottle. And as Cooper continues leading Laura through the woods, the girl disappears, leaving nothing behind but her echoing screams. Cut to Julee Cruise singing “The World Spins” at the Roadhouse.

Continued here.

BenjaBenjamín Harguindey / Managing Editor, Writer (Mar del Plata, Argentina – 1989) Screenwriter graduated from Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires. Benja’s worked for EscribiendoCine as a film critic since 2010, covering the Biarritz, San Sebastián and Venice festivals. He judged the CILECT Prize and won several writing & criticism contests. He’s published one novel, Noches de Tartaria (2006).

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