Twin Peaks 2017: Speculation

Let’s have some fun while the show’s on break.

by Benjamín Harguindey

Twin Peaks is taking a brief hiatus after the insanity that was the last episode (palate every minute, there’re only so many left). Let’s take a quick five minutes to gather our bearings and ponder on the five biggest enigmas the David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s show has stacked up so far.

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Twin Peaks Revival: 4 Pros, 1 Con

by Benjamín Harguindey

As reported ealier this year, Twin Peaks is finally getting its third season. The first two out of eighteen episodes air May 21st on Showtime, and as the date draws near I find myself losing my initial skepticism and getting hyped for its fabled revival. In an era of cash-in nostalgia, here’s why I think Twin Peaks 2017 is the real deal (mostly).

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5 TV Shows To Watch in 2017

by Lisa Nieri

2017 just arrived and it bring new seasons of our favorite shows. Here’re 5 shows which are getting reloaded this year that we’re waiting with all our hype.

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5 Ways John Carpenter Influenced Videogames

Happy birthday, John. We love you.

by Benjamín Harguindey

In order to celebrate Master of Horror John Carpenter’s birthday I was originally going to do yet again a Top 5 of his movies (which, for the record, invariably ends with The Thing), but why not take the road less taken and instead sing praise on a subject he’s rarely celebrated for: his indelible influence on the videogame industry.

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Recommendations, please?

by Joanna van der Veen

If you go to a lot of film festivals, you get to see an awful lot of films from an awful lot of places. Many of those films are excellent, and stick with you long after watching. You rave about them to anyone who’s foolish enough to ask if you’ve seen anything good. But then those films don’t get a wide release, and the people you’ve recommended them to give up on finding them. Frustrating but far from unusual and so, every now and then, I like to remind myself about these cinematic gems…

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Antonio’s Top 5 Films of 2016

2016’s best films emerge as a unique force throughout the world.

by Antonio Cabello

My Top 5 list of 2016’s best movies is characterizes by the heterogeneity of the gathered cinematographies, if you will, but also champions cinema as an artistic impulse regardless of latitude, emerging as a unique force throughout the world.

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