Review: Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)

Del Toro is gone and so is the magic.

by Benjamín Harguindey

It’s tempting to think of Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) less as a sequel to Guillermo del Toro‘s mecha-vs.-kaiju love letter Pacific Rim (2013) and more as a franchise pitch, retconning any sense of urgency or achievement from the original movie while laying down the groundwork to “expand the universe”, as director Steven S. DeKnight has said. “You can go main canon, you can go spin-offs, you can go one-offs,” he goes on to fawn in the same interview.

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Review: The Great Wall (2016)

The Last Matt Damon

by Benjamín Harguindey

The Great Wall (2016) is ostensibly a Chinese film – it’s directed by Zhang Yimou and is being promoted as the most expensive movie ever made in the People’s Republic – yet it stars Matt Damon in a familiar “white savior” plot reminiscent of The Last Samurai (2004). Turns out ‘Samurai’ director Edward Zwick and writer Marshall Herskovitz are 2 of the 6 screenwriters that penned the screenplay. Figures.

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